Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

I’m truly blessed, lucky, whatever word you want to use that my mom is still around. I can call her, see her and hug her. I’m very thankful for this and I try to do what I can now because I never know when I won’t be able to pick up the phone and hear her voice or see her face. Although I’m not seeing her today, I did get to see her last weekend. 🙂

What can I say about my mom? Lots! She’s always been there, in good and bad, and I can tell you that I have NEVER questioned her love for me. As with any mother-daughter relationships, there are ups and there are downs but even during the bad times, I knew she still loved me! I know many people don’t have that kind of security with their mom and I’m truly thankful. I certainly hope my daughter has the same security with me but I know I’m not perfect. I also know that my mom has given Kianna the same security and love she’s given me… maybe even more!

My mom is an awesome grandma and has spoiled Kianna, but more importantly, she taught Kianna things I didn’t have the time for with school and work. Things like tea parties, teaching her how to swing and ride a bike, baking cookies, decorating trains, and all the other things I’m forgetting. She would pick Kianna up after school and daycare and they would go on their little adventures. They are still close today! Makes me happy! Moving here from San Diego, where Kianna was born, was the best thing for the both of them! Although I prefer San Diego to Seattle, I would make the same decision over again.

Growing up my mom was always there – at our plays, my sister’s soccer games, parent-teacher conferences, whatever it was that dealt with us kids, she was there. She was a constant in our lives. So much so, that I can’t really remember times when she wasn’t. Even those times when I was hanging around Seattle, doing things I shouldn’t be doing, she would call me once a week or so to check up on me and see if I was alive. She would bring me groceries and buy me clothes. My mom is an emotional caretaker type of person. Even now in her early 70s, she’s taking care of people in their 80s and 90s! She took care of my stepbrother David and fought hard for him to keep him and protect him was his sister. She spent her own money to make sure there was a caretaker in charge of his life and his care. (Long story and won’t go into it here). When her best friend died, my mom made a bedside promise to take care of her grandchildren Casey and Lexi and she kept that promise. Casey and Lexi are part of her nine grandchildren clan.

My mom is also an amazing gardener. Her garden at her dream home could’ve been in any home magazine. It’s was beautiful and she certainly has a green thumb – something I did NOT inherit. I love gardens and flowers but I hate digging in the dirt, weeding and all the upkeep necessary to keep them beautiful. For her, this was therapy. I honestly think it has helped keep her healthy. She’s also an awesome quilter. She’s made many beautiful quilts, even one for Jimmy called, “pooh” for his birthday, and she’s made MANY quilts for Kianna, even her dolls when she was little. Sadly, I personally don’t have one because I can’t decide on fabric. Maybe this year, I’ll buy it so she can make me one.

If you look at the Top New York Best Sellers for books, my mom has probably read them. She is a reader. Her and her sister, my aunt Linda, pass books back and forth. Her usual gift from Jimmy and I is a gift card to Barnes and Noble. She loves walking the aisles, reading the summaries and finding the next perfect book to read. She’s very good at grammar and vocabulary because of her reading. She also loves dogs. She’s had four Maltese since Kianna was born – Willie, Summer, Abby and Charlie. If anything is slightly wrong, she’s running them to the vet. They are her children now, although Willie and Summer are no longer with us. She would run us to the doctor even if we had a sniffle. I remember she would tell me I should take Kianna to the doctor and then they would tell me it was a cold. haha.

If there was one word to describe my mom, it would either be love or caretaker, but I would say probably love since you have to have love to even think about being a caretaker. She always tells me a story and when I was a little baby I hated being hugged. She would hug me and I would push her away. This was true for most of my life but as I’ve gotten older, I appreciate her hugs and I make sure I always say I love you because I just never know when I won’t be able to. I love you, mom! Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for being an awesome mom and person.

Love your first born daughter, Sharon.

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