Out with OLD! So Much New!

Let’s say, I rolled out of 2016 with the best thing ever. My best friend, my best everything as one partner Sharon Couts. Here when I thought a lot of people were nothing but real friends, or friends that were there for you through the thick and thin. They were never to be found… However, Sharon didn’t let me down, she was there every step of the way through most of this. However, when others fell off during the election, which brought out a lot of true colors of people. It was sad, but hey…

I’m glad we’re past that now, and guess what… We’ve moved onto bigger things than worrying over anyone being a true friend… I’ve got a lot of big plans to fulfill for others this year along with my own, the things I learnt from 2016 are:

  1. To keep pushing onwards no matter what!
  2. True friends don’t let friends down when in time of need.
  3. To call the ones that want to talk vs sending a shitty text message that’s so impersonal.
  4. To give more to Sharon than I have since working 80-100 hour work weeks.

Most of all, we’re expanding, and by end of year we’ll be looking at finding office space. WinnComm has taken off beyond anything. Lots of hard work and devotion have been placed within our company this past year. So we’re pleased to announce we’re looking by year end on hiring and filling an office space soon enough. 🙂

2017 My daily grind starter:

I’m leaving you with these songs that read this as the words are spot-on! 🙂

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