Protest: Blocking Airline Concourses is OK.

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Suppose the tactic nowadays is to try and gain all of the world’s attention by throwing temper tantrums in public and holding signs that are the focal point for certain types of photogs:

Fuck Borders, Fuck Trump, No Ban, No wall, Love is Larger than the walls…

Backtrack for a minute to 2011:

How come you didn’t do this in 2011 when Obama-Clinton Administration blocked Muslims from Iraq coming into the United States of America? Not one of these people had done this a day in their life until today on 01/28/2017, let’s be honest here…


What would you do if you blocked someone from entering the airport that’s on an emergency flight to see his mom that’s only expected to live within the next day or less…

He misses his flight due to this “protest” blocking the concourse and he finds out within the next hour his mother passed on, then you blocked him access to a his trip home to see his dying mother in Spokane, WA (1 hour flight)… Knowing this gentleman has a flood of emotions and ends up going home, packing up explosives and assault rifles and comes back to offload on the whole airport and such. I was reading comments from people saying this is “beautiful” this is amazing and etc… It’s not amazing when you find out someone is out there to show you that you’re not invincible and your statement cost your life and another’s life due to this man’s emotions that are so high and there’s nothing left inside him. Don’t forget there’s gun owners out there that are ready to take on the world if they get a chance. Luckily I don’t need a gun for this, I have a heart and brain.

Let’s remind others of this, it does happen, and on live TV. Even reporters that file false reports about others, and are basically racist themselves, so here’s your reminder it does happen.

I’m not saying this should happen, I’m saying the repercussions on how to go about a “peaceful” protest is to walk down to your capital of your state, calling the state representatives is about the ONLY thing that will get you noticed and things changed! Now, do I need to remind that whomever is leading these sorts of moves, you’ll soon understand if the President and his cronies lock down America with martial law, some of you will NEVER see daylight again, nor your own loved ones. Because the law of the land will be with Military, and you go and protest and interrupting people’s lives and wellbeing, you’ll see that this could happen with consequences. I hope it NEVER does, trust me, because we don’t need to see people taking the law into their own hands on their own lands.

Here is something the liberals are overlooking in the outrage at the countries chosen and not chosen for the temporary ban! They are screaming that the countries NOT banned all are Trump business ties, but the facts are this:
So, in researching what I thought and still find to be a poorly executed executive order by our president, I learned some interesting facts about it.
1. Trump did not create a law. His executive order carried out an existing law and is completely in line with The Constitution.
2. The text of Trump’s executive order on immigration does not list any particular countries. That formula was in the existing law that his order is carrying out. The 7 countries on the list are ones that were picked out by president Obama, so arguments saying Trump picked country’s based on where he had business are just crap.
3. The law Trump is carrying out is the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015, which was signed into effect by Barack Obama.
So the outrage part about Trump banning countries that have had zero terrorist activities, and NOT banning the four countries who HAVE had terrorist activities and events, weren’t chosen by President Trump!! Those countries were chosen by OBAMA!!
Just to be clear, I’m not a Trump voter, I’m a advocate of people, places and things! Here’s my ballot, I honestly can say I voted with my heart and mind in tact. Did you? Yes you read that right, everyone was penciled in on my ballot, or if I ran out of choices, I asked them to find a woman for the job! So yeah criticize me all you like, but your heart must pump piss, all the while mine pumps blood.
EDIT 02/02/2017: Perhaps read this amazing blog post from the “BLUE” standpoint, and understand your so called hypocrites of Seattle don’t know how to take a command from authority, and it’s so ironic that I posted the above about a dying relative… Read here:

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