The Story of a Tree

I love most trees. For me, they represent peace, beauty and shade. Animals call them home. They are natural and they will just keep growing, most of the time. I remember when I was younger and learned that if you count the rings in their trunk, you can tell how old the tree is. I just thought that was fascinating. Trees can also represent something significant. People carve their initials in them or they plant them to remind them of something or someone special.

Jimmy and my wedding anniversary and the purchase of our home happened in the same month in the same year. Last year, I wanted to plant a tree as a remembrance of our first year married and in our home. It didn’t happen. Just a few months ago, right before summer began, I mentioned to Jimmy that I wanted to plant a tree in a certain spot in our yard. Not just any tree, a maple tree. He thought it was a good idea, however, we’ve been pretty busy this summer and haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Well, today I was weeding our front yard gardens. We have a lot of certain types of plants that grow and I get annoyed by them. One of them is ferns. I was pulling some ferns out and low and behold, I found what looked like a maple tree. It was tiny but it was there. I showed Jimmy and Kianna and we were trying to figure out if it was indeed a maple tree. Jimmy said to text a photo to my mom. Guess where the tree is located…. in the very spot Jimmy and I talked about planting one!!

Now to most people, they would call it luck, coincidence or whatever else. For me, it’s more than that. To me, it’s a gift of God. You see, my prayer life has dramatically changed over the past eight years. Most of the time, like 90 percent of the time, I never ask for anything from God. I feel that when I ask for things, it’s like a little kid asking their mom or dad for a toy or candy when they go shopping. They just want it because they see it. They don’t need it. I’ve asked God for many things in life prior and never received them. Not sure why. Just didn’t. So I’ve stopped asking. Instead, I just pray, “God, you know what I need.” When people ask me to pray for them, I ask God for His comfort to surround them and for His will to be done….whatever that is. That is my prayer life.

Well, today when I saw this tree… I was in awe. Here’s the exact tree that I wanted, seeded naturally and growing in the exact spot Jimmy and I wanted it. Like I said, some people will say it’s a coincidence. And for me, I say go ahead and think that. Believe it the way you want. But for me, it’s God saying to me, “I don’t only know what you need, I know what you want.”  I felt Him smiling down on me once I confirmed with my mom it was indeed a maple tree. I had to laugh. It brought tears to my eyes and it warms my heart knowing that God is looking down on Jimmy and me and our lives in our home. And guess what, we discovered this tree growing weeks away from our second wedding anniversary and purchase of our home. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for our gift. It’s exactly what we wanted.

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